We began this record three years ago, not too long after our concert at Carnegie Hall in 2010.  Our intention was to put to tape the arrangements and songs we performed in that legendary venue so we could preserve that performance.  We got three standing ovations that night.  Those songs formed the basis of our self-titled Parnassus record. After we recorded the first five songs, we took an unexpected hiatus.  Pete went through several life-threatening health issues that brought us to a standstill for almost four years.

In February 2015, after a couple of Christmas shows that Pete and I did together the previous December, we decided to do a Christmas album.  After putting together a song list, I traveled to Nashville and we recorded in Pete's studio.  It went so well and we loved working through the creative process together.  So riding upon that wave of inspiration, we knew it was time to go back and finish what we had started in 2012.  One month after finishing the Christmas record, I flew back to Nashville.

We chose, learned, arranged and recorded eight more songs in six days.  Since we now had recorded two albums worth of music, Pete suggested that we come up with a band name. After many countless efforts and failed attempts to find a name that fit, our manager Erin suggested Parnassus. According to Greek mythology, Parnassus means, “the sacred home to the muses” and was said to be a mountain of poetic and creative activity. It seemed to fit the music that we created together.

With much help from friends we were able to finish everything for this record in just under five months.  We are deeply grateful to the following friends for their generous and indispensable contributions to this album: Neal Cappellino for a fabulous mix.  Matt Rausch and Brendan Harkin for their engineering expertise.  Rick Cowling for being a sounding board, guide and for helping to produce my vocals on “Wildfire” and “Melissa.” Davis Jones who recorded additional vocals in Los Angeles and did an amazing job matching sounds, helping with the vocal editing and basically making it possible to finish this record within the time frame. AEA for lending me the R88 ribbon mic I needed for “Capim.”  Eric Conn for adding the perfect final touches.  Vince and Amy for your generosity, opening your home and just being so damn cool -- this record wouldn't have happened without you.  Robert Von for his cover art and Trinedy Krusell for artistic and technical instruction.  Erin & Simon for your endless encouragement, love and support.  The food, wine, whisky and spirits of Nashville, yes that's right, we partook, and enjoyed many wonderful memories that all played a part in the spirit of this record. Lastly, all the songwriters on this record, thank you for your songs and for inspiring us.

There are so many more artists that influenced us through the years, but we decided what to record based on the songs themselves and how they spoke to us. You will hear a theme in the message and feel of this record.